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Is the Rapture Found in Matthew 24?

Almost daily I get questions about prophetic topics. In most cases, I’ve already dealt with them in my books Last Days Madness, The Early Church and the End of the World, Why the End of the World is Not in Your Future, Wars and Rumors of Wars, 10 Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed and Answered, The Rapture […]

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My Response to College Student Majoring in Journalism and Political Science

I received a request for an interview from a college student majoring in journalism and political science who is doing research paper. Here’s some of what she wrote to me: I just wanted to reach out to your organization because I have noticed that American Vision has written extensively about some of the religious controversies […]

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Politics as Power and Intimidation

Most of us have heard of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), about a naïve Senator who ends up taking on the political establishment. It’s a reminder that there’s nothing new under the political sun. It stars Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur and was directed by Frank Capra who also directed Stewart in It’s a […]

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The Messianic and Destructive Character of American Education

Kevin DeYoung is the senior pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina. Recently, he wrote a comprehensive review of Rousas J. Rushdoony’s little book Law and Liberty. DeYoung describes what is commendable about the book and what he considerers “Bridges Too Far.” DeYoung is correct when he writes the following: Throughout 32 chapters, Rushdoony […]

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Halloween's Improbable Origin and Meaning for Christians

The original title of this article is “Concerning Halloween.” Since it was first published in 1996, it has made its way around the world and stirred up a lot of discussions. That’s a good thing. As you can imagine many Christians oppose Halloween for obvious reasons. It’s lost its original meaning. You can hear it […]

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Why I Am a One-Issue Voter

The issue of abortion has barely come up in the debates of Election 2020. But for many of us, it is still the issue that matters most. I am a one issue voter, without apology, and that issue is abortion. I’m against it. If a politician thinks it is acceptable---whatever the rhetoric---to deliberately kill a […]

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One of the Most Despicable Senate Speeches Ever Given

Since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in 2016, Democrats have said some very bad things about him, his supporters, and the United States. The nomination and confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett has driven these people to the lowest of low when it comes to disparaging people they disagree with. How many times […]

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Who Is Defending Classic Dispensationalism Today?

Eschatology is the study of the “last things.” The more popular terminology is “Bible prophecy.” There are numerous schools of thought on the subject. The most popular version—dispensational premillennialism—teaches that particular prophetic events are on the horizon, that a “rapture” of the Church precedes a seven-year period that includes the rise of an antichrist, a […]

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The Apostle Paul and the Lesser of Two Evils

Christians are still bringing up “I can’t vote for the lesser of two evils.” Somehow they believe it's wrong to vote for someone like Donald Trump who is doing a number of things to stop abortion but it's OK to sit back and let Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win in November knowing full well […]

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My Response to John Piper's 'Paths to Ruin' Article

Pastors are supposed to be prophets, not in the sense of foretelling but in forthtelling. The Old Testament prophets were critical of the immoral—lawless—actions of Israel’s religious and civil leaders, and they were never nice about it (e.g., Jer. 2:20; 3:1–3; Jer. 5:7–8). Jesus was equally critical and used harsh language to call out the […]

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The Threat of Court-Packing

One of the most substantial issues of Election 2020 is the Left’s pledge to pack the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) if they win---a scheme neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris will disavow. Most people don’t realize how seriously this could undermine our entire democratic republic. In one fell swoop, they could undermine the United States, which […]

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Sexual Preference v. Sexual Orientation: Control the Language ... Control the Issue

The homosexual movement went from “sexual preference” to “sexual orientation” overnight when Amy Coney Barrett used “sexual preference” during her Supreme Court nomination inquisition. Homosexuality is now a protected class. The Orwellian editors of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary “added the word ‘offensive’ to its entry and usage guidance of ‘preference’ and ‘sexual preference’ when referring to […]

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